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Jamie K: I was directed to the download and used it immediately. It was very helpful and it was great that I was able to access it at 3 a.m. when I decided a bio would be the appropriate format to present at an interview coming up only 11 hours later. Thanks again.

Frank: Thank you, Jill, for your feedback and a really great service. I was telling my wife, "I want to hire this guy!" The very best to you and your business.

Tom Flachmeyer: I have worked on this bio for a few weeks now. Your book helped me put it into a structure that makes sense. Thanks!

Janet Peters: Jill, you just saved my life with your info. I needed to quickly develop a professional bio, which I was able to do in less than two hours and get it submitted to a company who I will be meeting with on Monday. Thanks!

Todd Labate: I saw your edits and you did an amazing job! Thanks so much!

Jason Swanson: Your review service is great, Jill, thanks so much. You did an amazing job with the information I sent you, and you did it quickly. I really appreciate that.

Toni Barnett: Hi Jill, thank you so much. Finding your ‘how to write a great bio’ saved me endless hours burning the midnight oil. I struggled to put together a bio that I could use in confidence but once I found your e-book I just followed the steps and produced my bio, easy. For me, it was difficult to write about myself but now I am amazed at how good I look on paper. To top it off your review has put the ‘icing on the cake’ and just in time for my first Corporate meeting. You are a superstar. Warm regards, Toni

Jon: Thanks a lot for your sounded better and I liked getting it all on one offer a great service.

Edwin Barber: Thank you for the feedback and the updated version. Your e-book helped me a lot. One of the best investments I have made.

John Ramirez:
I believe your book on creating a bio is the best investment I have made. I would appreciate it if you could review and make any suggestions to finalize my biography. I looked at many options but found your presentation and examples very promising. It is the best investment I have made in many years.

Julie: I thought your e-book was terrific, but it turned out to be not exactly what I needed. When I told you that, you refunded my money immediately, just as you say you will on your website. Thank you! Buying online can be stressful, but you were wonderful, and made it really easy. Thanks again.

Nancy Yonko: “Finding Jill’s Write A Great Bio service on the web was the answer to my prayers! Her quick response to my cry for “Help!” and her attitude, skill and follow-through in getting me a great professional bio—in a timely manner—was far beyond my expectation. I’m pleased with the results, and highly recommend Jill for this service. I look forward to working with her in the future, tapping into her VMA skills to help find new customers and grow our business!”

Denice Flerchinger: My bio looks great and makes me feel confident that it is done with the utmost professionalism. Thank you so much! (

Chef Sharynne: So much has happend since you did my bio 4 years ago. I've have written two books. One hit Barnes & Noble #1 in Self Improvement category. I'm sure the bio had lots to do with it. People told me how moved they were when they read it. Thank you! (

Rosa: Thank you so much for your quick response. Your changes are perfect. You have been an extremely valuable resource. When my current employer asked me to provide him with a bio for the company website I did not know how long it was going to take me. Your ebook made it simple, easy and quick. Above all, I am especially impressed by the added value of having the bio reviewed by you. It truly has been a pleasure working with you.

Sharon: My father's bio is wonderful and really does sound like a love letter celebration. Thank you so very much!

Emil: When I heard that I had to write a bio, it was overwhelming. I didn't know where to start. I did a search and came across your link. Reading through your ebook helped a lot as they were small steps. I am an IT person, and we don't write much! Also, knowing that I could have you review what I wrote really helped. Thanks for your service.

Mark Alper: "Thank you, Jill. It was a great process, I learned a lot throughout, and would recommend you to all my colleagues.

Bob Townley: Your ebook on writing a good bio is wonderful. I have never written a bio and when it was suggested I need one, I did not know where to begin. Your step-by-step process with examples was extremely helpful. Thanks!

Charlie Wilson: Jill, you get a gold star. I would give you a big hug but with airfares what they are a sincere thank you will have to do. Girl, you do good work!

Cynthia Standard: Thanks a million! An end product that I can confidently feel good about and the added bonus of great feedback.

Diana Zoller: I very much appreciate your work and find it to be concise, relevant and valuable.

Tricia Small: Thank you so much, Jill. It's amazing how changing a few words can change the entire flow of how something reads. I appreciate the time you took to write the e-book and offer a review. It was well worth the small investment.

Wayne Comfort: Thanks for your help. I think the changes you made improved the Bio and it looks great! I think you provide a great service!

Ted Watler: Outstanding!!!! I thank you. Fast and prompt response with great value added.

Patricia Geisen: Wow! You are awsome! And so quick! I love it and really appreciate your help. Thanks so much!

Caprese Hayes: Thank you, Jill. Your program really made this easy for me. All I needed was structure. It was very worth the money spent.

Pamela Barton: Wow! You did an amazing job! I can see the changes you made. Like you said - not major, but making a huge difference. Thank you so much, I shall tell everyone about what you do and show them the results.

Deborah Myers: I was recently asked to write a bio and had now idea where to start. I went online and bought your e-book, How to Write a Great Bio, which helped me get through the mental block I had. I have followed the 7-step formula and have drafted the attached bio. I would appreciate your comments. Thanks again.

Jim Purcell: Thanks again, I really appreciate your input. As I said before, I really just hate resumes and you've made this painless.

Ann Leonard: Jill, your book was a great help. Thank you for reviewing and making just the right changes. I can't thank you enough. Wish me luck! I will be sure to let everyone who is looking to write their bio to get in touch with you. Thanks a million.

Steve Peterson: I purchased your information on biographical composition and found it extremely illuminating! Thanks so much for our great product.

Mike Kaplan: Thank you for taking the time to proofread and make the changes to my professional bio. It looks and reads great! I hope that I was not too far off the mark! Thank you again for getting it back to me so soon. I will highly recommend your service.

Colin Pitcairn: That was fast! Thanks again - dollars well spent.

Karen Schmidt: Your suggestions are great! Thanks so much for your help. I needed this asap for a national conference I am presenting at!

Wayne Smith: Great service you provide. It really helped as I had no idea how to write a bio. Without your help, I would have never gotten close, thanks. Might I add that your website is great, the testimonials really work.

Frank Ford: Let me first say how appreciative I am in having you review the attached document on my behalf. I have followed your 7-step process methodically and believe I have successfully incorporated your four basic elements into the bio. Thank you very much!

Buddy Nethery: Jill's e-book made writing my bio so easy it took me less than an hour, and was well worth the price. I took her up on her offer of a Professional Review, and I'm glad I did. She made minor changes, but they turned a good bio into an even better one. Thanks, Jill.

Heather Ward: You were so kind to offer this (Review) service, and the price is awesome! If I ever run into anyone in need of your service I will be sure to send them your way!

Steve Casson: I bought Jill's e-book to help me write a Personal Statement for my college applications. I also purchased her Professional Review. She sent my bio back within hours, and even though the changes were minor, they really helped. I was proud of writing a good Personal Statement to begin with, and even prouder of being smart enough to ask Jill to review it!

Robert Allen: Thanks, Jill, your online service made it easy. I will recommend you to others, and if you ever want to put a solar roof on your house now you know who to call.

Brenda Ford: Thank you so much for such an awesome and informative e-book on writing a bio. It really broke everything down well for me and made the process much easier.

Mike Robertson: Thank you for responding so quickly. Your guide to a great bio is spot on. I learned a lot and have tried to incorporate your advice in my bio. I'm attaching the one I wrote tonight. I appreciate and welcome your thoughts.

Tony Martin: Thank you so much for your reasonably-priced package. I am more of a numbers person and not much of a writer. Without your product, I would have spent many more hours drafting my bio. Your review is much appreciated as well as I will actively be in the job market soon.

Amy Walker: Thank you, Jill, you are awesome! I feel confident sending it off!

Craig Blum: Your "How to Write a Great Bio" certainly helped me. I was struggling with a format and what to say. I read the eBook, followed the instructions, referenced the samples and the next thing I knew, I had created my bio! Thank you for your outstanding help, Jill.

Keesha Daniels: I am so very excited that I came across your website in my hour of need. You were right, once I finished the final draft, I was proud. I have never really looked at myself on paper. The true test was my mother. She is all puffed up! I also like that you offer the Professional Review. If you would be so kind as to make by bio really SHINE I would appreciate it!

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