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21 'Secrets' Professional Copywriters Use to Write Great Copy FAST!
Whether you like to write or not, you can never get away from it completely, not in today's "instant communication" world. But there are simple tips and techniques you can use to make anything you write faster, easier and less stressful than it's been for you in the past.
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For example: Do you know the single most common mistake non-professional writers make that can harm their image and credibility? Find out what it is in this FREE Bonus e-book.

20 Top Tips for Marketing Your Small Business
If you're like most small business owners, you know you need to market your business to help it grow, but it's difficult finding the time, or knowing where to start. This article is full of easy, practical - and most importantly - affordable ideas on ways to successfully market your small business. Ideas that will work for anyone, on any budget! (VALUE: $27)

20 Top Tips for Writing and Designing Successful Sales Literature
Do you ever find yourself given the task of coming up with something that's supposed to ‘sell' your product or service, and wondering where to start? If so, you're not alone. Being creative on demand is tough, even for the professionals. The practical tips and ideas in this booklet will help you get started, and give you some easy, - and affordable - ideas on how to produce sales literature that commands attention and creates interest.
(VALUE: $27)

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