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Testimonials for Jill and her e-book, "How To Write A Great Bio"

Comments (from real people) about "How to Write a Great Bio"

Lynn Warner: Thanks for this great service, Jill, I could not have written my bio as quickly and as well as I did without your ebook. It was so easy once I got started, which is the hardest part, of course. Your review caught a few things I didn't see, so thanks for that as well. It's done and my boss thought it was great.

Colleen Harris: Thanks, Jill, what a relief to get this done! I had been worrying about writing my bio for weeks and the longer I let it go the more I worried. Letting you write it for me was the perfect solution -- thank you so much!

Marianne Smith: I am so relieved to get this bio done! Thank you so much for your help and support. That was the best $99 I have ever spent!

Bill Wheet: Thank you so much for helping me with my bio, and doing it so fast! That's the best $5 I think I've ever spent, and I will gladly recommend your services to anyone I know who needs help with their bio. 

Andy Tylor: Thank you very much for your help. What started out being daunting , turned into something very quick. I will certainly recommend your Bio Ebook & Review.

Jean Wright: Oh, Jill! It's absolutely perfect! Thanks SO much. I'm very pleased with the end result. Can't thank you enough. You're so good with this kind of help. Thanks again!

Dwight Ford: I  found several free templates for writing my bio, but none of them really offered me what I was looking for. Your e-book pointed out several things I should and should not do, and that was invaluable. Thanks for a great service with your bio review and your really easy-to-read and use e-book. Well worth the money!

Wardell Magee, Sr: Thanks for everything Jill. You are a breath of fresh air. I look forward to using your services in the near future and referring you to other associates. Thanks again.

Dan Sparacino: Cut! Print! Pulitzer! I can't believe I got this done for less than $23! What a deal for me! Thanks for your help and reassurance, Jill. 

Ray Sorensen: Jill, thank you for all your help. Purchasing your "Let Jill Write It" bio option was the perfect solution for me, and for less than $100! (It was well worth it, believe me.) I sincerely appreciate your talent and excellent cooperation. I will recommend you every chance I get. 

John Davis: I used the book immediatly because I was one of those who was asked for a bio at the last minute. The thought of writing a bio in a few hours that will be sent out to many people was a little daunting. The book and the included examples were a tremendous help. Thank you for this very reasonalbly priced and useful book, Jill.

Marnie Swigert: This is awesome! Thank you so much, worth every penny to me!

M Malone: Jill, I would not have been able to piece that together as well as you have. OMG it's PERFECT! You are amazing! Thank you soooo much! You now have an official follower.  Your work speaks for itself...

Noé Licon: Great work, Jill. I'll probably love you forever!

Brenda Dollison: Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I dreaded doing this. I did not know where to begin to consolidate my experiences. The information in your ebook really helped me.

Jemma A: I just submitted my bio and it looks good! Thank you for your guidance and help in putting this together. I didn't even know where to start. I appreciate your help and timely service.

DNG: Thank you for a great service. My bio looks very professional and has everything I need to convey in my company profile. There is no way I could have a professionally written bio in less than 24 hours without your help. My small investment in your service was well worth it!

Mary Young: Wow! I'd have to say that's the best $10 I've spent in a long time. Your editing is marvelous. Thanks, thanks and thanks again. I'm very appreciative.

Nick Palalas: Wow, this has been an awesome experience. I will definitely refer you to anyone I know. Take care, Jill, it was a pleasure.

Mat Stella:  Your e-book helped a lot. It helped 'strain' all the thoughts and ideas I'd had whirling around in my head so I could focus on the important details I needed to put on paper. Thanks again for all your help!

Kirk: I purchased your "How to Write a Great Bio" ebook this past weekend. I just wanted to thank you because it really helped me collect my thoughts and I ended up with a great bio. I'm so glad I stumbled on to your website! Thanks again.

Daphne Jones: Your version just has that ‘pop’. That’s why you hire a professional. Thank you for your quick response, which enabled me to get this to my boss for his deadline. You made me look good in the bio and to the boss...that’s a win-win for me!

Steve D: Short on time, with a major proposal document due, I found myself struggling with re-inventing my bio and turned to the internet for help. Once I read Jill’s website I was convinced she was the one to help. I purchased her e-book and never turned back. Within an hour I had completed a great bio. On top of that Jill was quick to help with the review and now I am on my way to delivering one of the biggest business proposals of my career. Thanks, Jill 

Natalie Bergeson: Thank you very much!! You give GREAT advice on your website. I've never written a bio and was a little intimidated. I will recommend you to anyone who needs your service!!

Sandra Longmore: I am so glad I got your ebook. It changed my bio from one that was just so-so to one I think reflects who I am and the target market I am wanting to appeal to. And thank you so much for the quick review. I needed it by today!! You are a woman of your word.

Atsuko Umemura: Thank you so much for proofreading my bio in such a short period of time. I feel much more comfortable with your language and your professional feedback. I was very impressed with your service and shall definitely recommend it to my Japanese colleagues whenever they need to write a bio in English.

Pat Simmons: I am most impressed with your service and just this afternoon suggested it to several colleagues. Your format helped me so much! Thank you for your continued help in making suggestions for improvement

Mark Anderson: Jill, I just want to thank you for returning the updated Bio so quickly. It was absolutely spectacular and I was able to forward it to our regional manager quicker than expected. The changes you made really made a difference. I have attached the final copy just for your information. I have already recommended you to two co-workers if they need a bio in the future.

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