A good bio and an even better cause

One of the many reasons I like writing bios or reviewing bios is that I get to ‘meet’ so many interesting people, and I’m often humbled by the great work or great contributions they are making to their communities and, often, their country.

This bio is a perfect example. My thanks to Brian Knoedl for asking me to review it for him. It was a pleasure, and I wish him and TextFace great success in their quest to “take on a generation dying to communicate.”


Brian Knoedl is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Arkansas-based TextFace, a business that was born in 2011 to “take on a generation dying to communicate”. TextFace uses the internet and social media platforms to spread much-needed light on the reality and consequences of distracted drivers on America’s roads and highways. The company uses, among other methods, an innovative and proprietary “caught on camera” approach to create teachable moments for both the public and law enforcement agencies, not only in the local community, but around the country as well.

Known to his colleagues simply as “The Boss”, Brian’s work history and experience make him not only “the right man for the job”, but possibly “the perfect man for the job”. Former experience includes:

  • insurance executive (property and casualty), 7 years
  • automotive sales, servicing and crash parts, 8 years
  • television broadcast and video production, 20 years
  • early cell phone networks, sales, service and usage, 2 years

The member of a ‘law enforcement family’ with extensive experience in ride-alongs used for training and awareness purposes, Brian and TextFace are now using their knowledge and expertise to teach law enforcement agencies how to enforce laws relating to distracted driving.

“We’ve found the courts are having difficulty at times enforcing the law,” he says, “while the video we shoot — and teach officers to shoot — is 100% prosecutable.”  In addition, Brian and his colleagues provide education and training to law enforcement on vehicle selection, video production techniques, profiling, automobile safety and recovery issues, even the often-underestimated cost and effect of distracted driving on insurance companies and employers.

A father of four, all of whom drive or soon will, Brian’s passion to see families protected from all forms of distracted driving is personal as well as professional. “There is still a huge lack of awareness and understanding about the dangers and consequences of distracted driving,” he says.

“We want to change that through education and awareness-building among the public, and well as partnering with the law enforcement community to help build their knowledge and skill set, before too many more lives are needlessly lost.”

Well done, Brian, and best of luck to you and everyone at TextFace.

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