How important is education when you write your bio

That’s question I’m often asked when either writing or reviewing bios. Many talented, successful people feel unsure of whether or not they should mention that they don’t have a degree. Here’s what Chuck Blakeman, author of “Making Money is Killing Your Business“, has to say on the topic:

“Learning is not education. Millions of higher degree recipients make less during their careers than people who dropped out of high school. And millions who never finished high school make huge impacts and a lot of money.

We miss cause and effect all the time. As an example, people love to say, “College graduates make a million dollars more in their lifetime than non-college graduates.”Is it because they went to school, or because they are motivated to do anything that will make them successful? I think it’s the latter.”

Read Chuck’s entire blog post here.

Well said, Chuck, thanks for sharing your thoughts with my readers!

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