How to write a bio that will help you get a job if you are over 50

My recent post on how to write a good bio if you’d been out of work for a while prompted one of my readers to send me a link to a good article on a similar topic entitled, “How to Get a Job if You’re Over 50”.

Their advice: “Stop worrying about the “age issue” and start addressing the real reasons why you may not be landing opportunities.” The one that caught my eye was this:

“Your resume is old fashioned and untargeted.
If you’re worried about age discrimination, don’t start your resume with, “Over 25 years of experience in ______.” Don’t purposely hide experience in a “functional” resume that mashes up your skills without detailing when and where you gained them. The solution? Focus on your most recent and relevant 10 years of work history and make a strong case for your candidacy.”

I agree, and have often said so when advising people on how to write a bio that will help them get a job at any age.

Whether you need to write a good bio, or resume, to help you get a job if you’re over 50, I recommend you read this interesting and informative article.

And remember, I’m always here to help you write your own great bio.

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