How to write a bio when you are re-entering the job market

I recently helped a good friend of mine write a bio, which seemed like a daunting task to her because she had been out of the job market for 11 years while she raised her three children.

I assured her this was not uncommon, and that we could still write a good bio for her by concentrating on many of the activities and responsibilities she had as a mother, wife, neighbor and friend.

Like so many of the people I help write bios, she underestimated her own talents and abilities, and of course it’s difficult for many of us to ‘toot our own horn’. (That’s why many people ask me to write their bios for them. They can’t be objective, but I can!)

Because she is a friend and I knew her, I knew where to start:

Q: You ran a jewellry business for a few years, didn’t you? And you won sales awards for that, correct?

A: Yes

Q: You used your design skills over the years to help several friends redecorate their houses, didn’t you?”

A: Yes

q: You have organized countless soccer and golf and volleyball events on behalf of not only your own kids and family, but others, correct?”

A: Yes

Q: You are currently helping a family member get a small business off the ground by helping with Quickbooks, aren’t you?”

You can guess her answer.

Once we established that she did indeed have marketable skills and ‘job’ experience, we had the foundation for a good bio. Her skills may differ from yours, but I would bet $10 that you have a lot of valuable experience regardless of the fact that it was not gained in the ‘official’ job market.

Start by making a list. Don’t be shy and don’t worry about bragging. Ask a friend to help. Then here’s a fun tip: write your bio using someone else’s name! You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to write about yourself by doing it this way.

Here is a part of the bio we eventually came up with for my friend:

“During this time she also worked in a part-time or independent capacity as a Jewelry Sales Associate (for which she won numerous sales achievement awards); and Interior Design Consultant. In addition, she is proficient with QuickBooks and job cost projections.”

If you are re-entering the job market and need help with writing your bio, I am happy to help, or you can try it yourself using my downloadable e-book, “How To Write A Great Bio.” It costs just $17.95, and for an additional $5, I will review it for you.

Either way, best of luck on writing your own great bio!

Jill Townsend

Author, How To Write A Great Bio

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