One surprising mistake to avoid when writing a bio

Need to write a bio? Most of do at some point or another in our business or personal lives. I help hundreds of people each year write their bio, and want to alert you in this post about a few very common mistakes I see when I review or edit a bio.

Surprisingly, however, I am not going to talk about content here. Most of you do a great job, either using my ebook, How To Write A Great Bio, to help, or figuring it out yourself. Well done!

No, the mistakes I am talking about here are much more basic, and luckily very easy to fix.

Imagine this. I am an employer who has asked numerous job candidates for their bio. Or their resume, or a photograph of themselves or their product(s).

Here’s what I get from you: mybio.doc, or myresume.doc, or headshot.jpg, or headhighres.jpg, or even worse…img9856.jpg.

Name your files appropriately before you send them off! This employer is going to get potentially 100’s of files, and yours can easily get lost in the pile if no one takes the time (and why should they?) to rename the files you send. And after all that work you did to write a great bio or resume!

My bio should be titled Jill-Townsend-Bio.doc. And my photo should be named Jill-Townsend.jpg Get it?

(This is a good habit to get into no matter what you are sending, or who you are sending it to, by the way, especially since search engines index photos and files as well as web content.)

Don’t sabotage an otherwise well-written bio by hiding its identity from potential readers. It’s an easy fix!

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