So who needs a bio?

One of the reasons I like the bio business so much is that it gives me the opportunity to ‘meet’ so many interesting people, from so many different walks of life. Some are just starting out, some are near the end of their careers, most are somewhere in between.  Over the past few weeks I have either written or reviewed bios for a/an:

  • IT Recruitment Specialist
  • Travel Agent
  • Early Education Teacher
  • Retired Stock Broker
  • Dental Consultant
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Real Estate Agent/Broker
  • Bird Watching Entrepreneur
  • Sisters who started a business called Elegant Brie. (Yum!)
  • Tax Accountant
  • Artist
  • Stay-at-home/going-back-to-work mom
  • The founder of a company devoted to eradicating texting and distracted driving (

I’ve also helped a young pageant winner write a farewell speech, and a dedicated volunteer and fundraiser write an acceptance speech for an award given to her on behalf of her community.

The common thread in all of these bios or documents is this: how do I write about myself without sounding 1) arrogant, or 2) boring?

Those are questions I hear a lot. It’s tough for most of us to write a bio about ourselves to begin with, much less if the reaction we are trying to evoke is: “Wow, he/she sounds like a really interesting (or experienced, or knowledgeable, or trustworthy, or you name it) kind of person.”

That’s why if someone asks me to write their bio, and they’re feeling nervous about the outcome, I offer to send them 2 or 3 other bios I’ve written for people in similar positions, or similar fields. I ask them to let me know how they felt about that person after reading their bio, and if they would be confident about their own bio if it read and ‘felt’ the same way.

The answer is always yes. I’ve never had someone come back and say the person in the bio sounded arrogant or boring, and I’ve written or reviewed over 1,000 bios.

If you are holding back on writing, or revising your own bio, please keep that in mind. What you may perceive as negative — lack of formal education or previous experience are common examples — is equally as much a positive factor in the context of your life and your story.

Everyone has a good bio in them, I know it. If you need help, please contact me, or buy my e-book and see how easy the process can be. (I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you literally have nothing to lose.) Some people prefer I write their bio for them, which is fine, too.

Good luck!