The one word you should always use when you write your bio or resume

If you need to write your bio or resume, keep the one key ‘trigger’ word I write about below in mind.

I was helping a young client of mine write her resume last week, and I told her there was one particular phrase I always suggest including somewhere in the document: well-adjusted.

Why? Because in the many years I’ve written or reviewed bios and resumes, on top of the years I was responsible for hiring employees, I can tell you without hesitation this is the kind of ‘trigger’ word a potential employer wants to see. It alludes to the fact that you have the ability to get along well with others, which is a key consideration for any employer when hiring new staff.

When I asked a former employer many years ago why he chose me over all the other people he interviewed, he said it was because I listed one of my strengths as “the ability to get along well with others, even those I don’t particularly like.”

Another reason I know this is a good trigger word — many years ago I worked for a company in the UK that gave one-day training seminars on a variety of business topics. We tried again and again to make a new seminar we introduced on Customer Service a winner, but attendance was dismal. It was only when we changed the title to “How to Get Along with Difficult People” that the seminar took off, and became one of our most popular courses of all time. (The graphic, above, Mr. One Man Band, is one of the office cartoon ‘characters’ we used in our brochure to illustrate the various types of difficult people you’ll find in most, if not all, offices.)

There are other good trigger words to use as well, words that have been proven over time to add interest or ‘power’ to any document. Google ‘power words’ and see what comes up. I also have a list of power words in my free e-book, “15 Common writing Mistakes Even Good Writers Make!”

Good luck!

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