You’ve written a great bio, now get it published!

Although the majority of people who visit my website,, are looking for help in writing a short bio, more and more have expressed interest in writing a biography. My distinction between the two is simple: a bio is short, usually 3-5 paragraphs, and is intended for use on your company website, or as part of your resume package, or simply to introduce yourself to your customers or colleagues.

Writing a biography, on the other hand, is a different story. A biography is longer, and is often intended for publication. Maybe as a gift to your children and grandchildren, maybe as a gift to yourself! Length varies, but generally from 10-100 pages, and includes photos, possibly even audio and video. (If you can fill 100 pages, I would like to know you!)

The internet has made publishing your biography much easier and more affordable, and I’m always looking for companies to recommend to help you. I found one recently that I recommend if you are looking to publish your biography, or any other type of ebook: I came across this company recently and find their technology to be super easy to use, even fun.

If you need help with writing your bio, or biography, I would love to hear from you. Everyone has a story – what’s yours?

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